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“Signed in GOLD Holy Spirit”

On Sunday, April 30th, I was informed that we, the body of believers for the July 1st God Heal Our Land gathering, would be praying into the courts of heaven about the upcoming contract signing for the Tim Horton’s stadium. Prior to leaving for Overflow, I knew in my spirit we needed to cover the contract signing with a gold cloth. Arriving at Overflow, I spoke to Daniel about the gold cloth. We even prepared a gold cloth at the front of the church.

When it came time to pray about the contract, Solomon asked a few people to come to the front and pray. I was not one of those people, so I just waited. I knew that gold cloth needed to be used. Charlotte, who was sitting next to me, leaned over and showed me what she had written, “Signed in GOLD Holy Spirit”. I had not shared with Charlotte about the gold cloth. I jumped up; I knew that gold cloth needed to be used. Grabbing the gold cloth, I quietly laid it on the podium as others were still praying.

As the last person who was called up to pray was finished praying, I was provided with the mic and promptly called all those to come up that felt led by the Holy Spirit to grab a piece of the gold cloth. You could feel the Holy Fire as people began walking to the front of the church and began to take hold of a piece of the gold cloth. As I began to pray, I could see in the spirit the letters coming off of the contract and going up to the courts of heaven. I remember praying that all the i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed and that if anything the enemy would try to come against what God was doing in Hamilton, the group going to sign the contract would become aware of it. I continued praying; nothing was going to stop what God has called Hamilton to be, the threshing floor, a holy place. People would become holy. God has called Hamilton to be 1 of 5 cities in Canada to be Holy. I could see people running out of City Hall to the stadium, they hungered for what the Holy Spirit was doing.

Solomon shared that as we were praying, he could see a red blood-stained handprint on the contract. Afterwards, a beautiful soul came up to me and said, as we were holding onto the gold cloth, it was like we were holding onto the hem of Jesus’s garment. Hallelujah!!!!

Charlotte also provided more details of what she showed me. The word Holy Spirit was not only signed in gold but also signed in a beautiful script.

Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed. I was so excited in my spirit, yet I also knew I needed to sleep. So, I did what I only know to do, and I started to pray in tongues. As I was praying, I could see Jesus seated at the right hand of God. Jesus and God were looking at one another and talking. I knew in my spirit that God heard my prayers and Jesus was interceding for my prayers, which I know included July 1st at Tim Horton’s stadium. God will Heal Our Land. Amen.

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